What Social Media Marketing can do for your business

Almost a third of the entire population of planet earth is on Facebook. WIth over 2 Billion users strong, the plaform is definitly not something to be taken lightly.

Brand Awareness

Stay top of mind with regular posts and sponsored content. Reach people in your area with frequent posts and create solid brand awareness for your business

Targeted Ads

Facebook & Instagram allow you to target your ads to users based on their location, age, gender, and interests. Targeted ads allow you to reach the right people at the right time

Generate Leads

Get more business for your business! Social media is a powerful lead generation tool, users can complete forms and link to your website to learn more and get in contact with you

Businesses we have helped

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Get an agency on your side!

Social media marketing requires quite a bit of time and effort to get right. Let’s take the hassle out of it for you, our team is ready to rock your social media! Apart from having years of experience between us, we wrok with many different clients and have spend hundreds of thousands of rands on social media ads.

This has given us an keen insight into the workings of social media. We can help you by saving you time and allowing you to tap into our team’s skills and experience in 6 key area’s

How we do it.

Winning with social media requires a couple of key components to be managed. 

Content Planning

Succeeding with your social media marketing efforts starts with having a plan. We will help you formulate a plan for success.

Ad Management

Targeted ads on Facebook & Instagram allow you to only reach the people who matter to you. We setup and manage your campaigns.

Content Creation

Once we have a plan, our team of creatives will get to work to create stunning content, including ,design, photos and video’s.

Page Monitoring

Our team will monitor your page for messages and comments and respond to queries on your behalf or notify you when attention is needed.

Content Calendar

When your content is ready, we will put them to work with regular scheduled posts to keep your page up to date and your followers engaged.

Reports & Insights

We test and measure different post types and ad campaigns to extract the best strategy for you. Reports are prepared monthly.

Ready to market your business on social media?